Contrasting and Categorizing Emotion (Assignment #17)

Adoring, Compassion, Cherishing 

On the surface, all these words have the connotation of positivity, happiness, and warmth. However, on the deeper level, these three words have distinct definitions and aspects that set them apart from each other. To adore something means to dote upon something and want everything to be good for them, such as adoring a puppy or a child. You want to protect them and devote yourself to them. Compassion, however, has a more widespread usage. Compassion is the feeling of empathy for someone or something that causes you to want to help them. To cherish something is to consider something or someone very valuable and irreplaceable.

In general, to adore means to love something and dote upon it, whereas to cherish something is to think of it as valuble. Adoring something usually comes with the connotation of love, whereas to cherish something means you think it is important, but you don’t have to necessarily love it. Compassion does include love, but is different than adoring because compassion means empathy and adoring means unconditional love for something. Compassion does not go to the extreme extent of blind adoration. Compassion and cherishing have more obvious differences. Cherishing is holding something up to a high esteem, whereas compassion is being kind to others. 


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