I.D. the K.I.’s (Assignment #2)


Are Smart People Getting Smarter?

-How can popular culture and modern society, filled with its video games and mind-staggering media, actually help our brains when many have claimed that it distracts us too much?

-What if the reason why people are getting smarter is because our brains are actually continuing to evolve, and our human species is actually just getting smarter as a whole?

-Why is the Flynn effect disappearing in some countries if it is supposed that our intelligence increases as we have more nutrition, access to education, etc.?




“Limitless” and Buick Ad Get the Brain All Wrong

-If mass media is becoming so irresponsible, how can we trust anything we see and hear?

-What if media has been lying to us our whole lives, and the world is actually very different than how we had previously perceived? How would you react?


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